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We offer courses for individuals looking to develop their understanding and experiences of the financial markets with a view to trading financial markets across stocks and commodities. We teach through a combination of theoretical and practical teaching, with continued help and guidance from our team of professional traders and mentors both in-house and online.

This is not just another trading course where you’ll get a handful of gimmicky, high risk scalping systems or “alerts” without the essential context. Frankly, there are way to many websites promoting dodgy signal services and money systems…but very few that are actually teaching people how to grow sustainable and life changing wealth for themself.

Our mission is to transform your financial destiny by shattering myths and traditions, strengthening your mindset, exposing you to our winning community, providing expert mentorship and delivering strategies that have been tried, tested and perfected by thousands of our students.

course description


More and more people from all walks of life are using financial trading as a source of secondary income. Trading gives you the opportunity to create and continue to build wealth in a flexible and practical manner. With the right education, you can take control of your financial future and build a solid foundation to safeguard and grow your investments. In today’s economic climate, there has never been a better time to learn to trade.

  • Suitable for everyone

    Trading transcends boundaries. Regardless of your social, education or employment status, there are genuine opportunities for everyone. With the right education, trading can seamlessly enhance any lifestyle. Whether you are choosing your first career path, wanting to improve your current financial situation or are looking to broaden your horizons and study something you love, we are ready to work alongside you to see your goals fulfilled.

  • Invest in yourself

    Learning how to trade can be challenging, as with everything that is worth doing. Every discipline has its learning curve. Top professionals have to study and master their skills in order to be successful, it does not happen overnight. Trading is no different. It takes time, discipline, the correct education and the right attitude. Most people fail in trading not because it is particularly hard, but because they are not properly educated. Learning to trade is investing in your education and your financial future. Learning to trade is investing in yourself.

  • Flexibility

    Trading allows you to effectively generate wealth without impacting on your work life, family life and other commitments. You can trade 24 hours a day, five days a week, but you do not have to. Trading does not have to be a full time job. The forex market runs 24 hours a day, five days a week -that means you can trade whenever you want, from anywhere in the world.

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A successful Trader is
an Educated Trader

Let us learn you trade!

The course is designed for the person that has never traded before, and wants to learn how to trade the Stock Market successfully.

The Course is also designed for the current active trader, that is currently not profitalbe. By learning the correct trading principles and methods – anyone can become a Profitable Trader.

Our Online Learning Management System helps you FastTrack your learning, and the system keeps track of your progress. So you will know exactly where to continue every time you log in, or to continue where you left off.

We strive to succeed in helping our clients become Profitable Traders, and creating a second income for themselves.

Who can benefit from our course?

Trade Forex, CFD's and Shares


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Learn to Trade in South Africa

Can you get rich by trading forex and shares? Is it easy to learn to trade forex and shares? How can I trade successfully? These are just a few of the commonly asked questions those wanting to learn to trade with forex and shares are asking.

The approach that you take when you learn to trade is like that of any other skill you are looking to acquire. There are the basic things that you need to grasp, the more in depth knowledge that you gain along the way, and of course, there is the necessity of practice. Trading forex and shares is much like any other job and it is quite easy to master when you know exactly what it is that you are doing.

Whether you are looking to develop a steady income, or should you just want to occasionally earn a little cash on the side, having the knowledge is key to your success.

Before you jump into our course, you need to decide how much you are expecting to make (or how much you assume you will make) as well as how much you expect to lose while learning the ropes. Determining this will give you a more realistic idea of what you are doing and it’ll ensure that you are not left wholly disappointed should things not be off to the best start. One thing is certain though, with thousands of active traders, you will eventually strike it lucky, you just have to learn the ins and outs, and stick with it.

To become a successful trader, it helps to work alongside someone who is in the know and who has the experience to back it up. While it is easy to Google a YouTube video on Forex trading and be drawn into the positive, fancy jargon and the overwhelming expectations that such videos aim to sell, the reality is that you won’t be getting the right information. Instead, you’ll be getting an exciting sales pitch.

Successful traders need strategies, in depth knowledge and the opportunity. This is where we come in. At Stock Market Dynamics, we are at the cutting edge of shares and forex trading and every day we are helping more people open up a reliable second income stream by teaching them what they really need to know about forex. Trading is our passion and we have the experience to back it up.

Breaking into the Forex & Shares Trade

It can be truly daunting when you first start navigating this world but that is true of anything you try for the first time. Something to keep in mind, if you start having doubts of worries is that you are not the first, nor the last, person to have these fears or to decide that forex trading is for them.

At the moment, the foreign exchange market is the second biggest investment market in the world. Everything is related to currency these days and while the forex market was somewhat closed off to those outside of trading in the past, it is now more accessible than it’s ever been before.

Before, the market was only open to hedge funds, banks and large financial institutions, but with the age of the internet, ordinary people outside of finance can now try their luck while making some extra money.

One of the first things you need to know is the hierarchy of currency, which consists of 8 major currencies; British Pound (GBP), S Dollar (USD), European Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Canadian Dollar (CAD). These currencies are always traded in pairs.

When learning to trade forex or shares, you’ll also find out how yield drives returns, how spread words and the kind of tools you need for success. Along with all of the technical know-how, you will also learn the information that can only come from those who have been working in the industry for many years.

To cement your success in forex trading, you need to choose your broker carefully and make sure that you have a realistic goal that you can stick to. You also need to restrain your emotions and know that sometimes it takes time to strike it lucky. When in the forex game, patience is a virtue.

To find out more about how you can learn to trade forex and shares, contact Stock Market Dynamics and allow us to be your guide.

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