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International Shares

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Enhance your portfolio by investing in big name brands across a range of international share markets.

Why trade International Share?

The South African share market only represents a very small % of the global equity market.  As such, there is a large opportunity by simply expanding your investment portfolio to overseas markets.

Global companies listed on US, European and Asian share markets often dominate headlines in the global financial climate and offer opportunities to invest in different industries.  Moreover, by trading shares from international markets, you can also gain exposure to emerging economies and a wider range of industries.

Think about some of the biggest companies you interact on a daily basis, and even love.  In just a few clicks you can go from fan to shareholder by investing in their business.

Imagine owing a few shares in Twitter or Facebook, and then bragging about them… on Twitter and Facebook!

Benefits of Trading International Shares

Diversification and industry range

International markets can open up opportunities to invest in industries that are less common or unavailable in the South African market. 

Investing in different markets, with different commercial variables makes not only for great risk reduction practice, but you would be unlocking your portfolio profit potential to bigger and/or emerging wealth avenues.

Backing the big guys

Your wealth will be on the backs of some of the biggest organisations to have ever existed – in the world!

Own a recognisable brand

You can be a shareholder in a brand that you not only use regularly, and love, you can own a piece of it. Your consumption habits become dividend expectations and profits in your pockets in just a matter of seconds!

Capital gains

International shares have potential to provide capital gains. If you buy shares at a certain price and then sell later at a higher price, you can make a profit.


International shares can have high liquidity, meaning there’s usually demand and supply on the market and they’re easily trade



Whether you’re a new or experienced Trader, knowledge is the key to confidence.  Needless to say, a successful  Trader is an Educated Trader.  Invest in your knowledge to increase your profits.


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